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"When you're on the brink, you don't think about how far you've come - only how far you're about to fall"

For our biggest issue yet, we bring you artists from the PRECIPICE: those fighting apartheid in Palestine, homophobia on the streets of Belfast, or eviction in Tanzania.


We are also privileged to be showcasing inspirational artists breaking the stigma of homelessness and disability through their work. They remind us that art at its best creates belonging, even in the darkest isolation.


The traditional institutions have failed us, and it’s time to build new organisations and ecosystems, free from corporate control and capable of taking us back from the brink.


As a team of volunteers, we couldn’t have made this magazine without the support and collaboration of our partner organisations, including the Independent Media Association, Bywire News, People's Republic of Stoke's Croft, Means TV, The World Transformed, and Repeater Books.

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Original journalism

Our first paid issue is our best yet, featuring original reporting spanning K-Pop, jungle, gaming, memes, climate change, lit, surrealism, and so much more


Community listings

PRECIPICE promotes a broad community of independent artists. Our detailed listings section will point you in the direction of great exhibits, events, and spaces


DIY and free art

The issue is free to pick up and is distributed nationwide across the UK. It'll teach you free art skills and give you some amazing pull-out posters for your walls


PRECIPICE in the wild

We're building up a network of distribution spots across the UK with independent arts spaces, galleries, cinemas, and music venues.


If you'd like regular updates on where to pick up a free copy - or you run a space or event that could act as a home for some - drop us an email or subscribe to our newsletter below.

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