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40 pages of beautiful art, writing, and the printed word exploring art, culture, and activism.

Right now, it feels like everything is unravelling. The economy. The planet. Culture. Society.

As the world burns, the rights of ordinary people are under attack like never before, whether it’s through anti-trade union legislation, clampdowns on peaceful protest, or the catastrophic cost of living crisis.

Meanwhile, the only thing our elected officials seem capable of is inflicting more pain and chaos.

This issue—our ninth since 2017—focuses on art, activism, and politics during the Great Unravelling. But we don’t just want to raise awareness of the world’s problems—there's plenty of awareness to go around.

Instead, from Brazil and Myanmar to Australia and Croydon, we want to showcase the global movements, collectives, and creatives carving out a new path forward.

We explore the state of the arts today as Britain sees unprecedented government cuts to its cultural institutions. We ask: who owns the art world, the music industry, the land beneath our feet? What would it mean to take it all back?

This issue was funded by generous reader donations via our Patreon, crowdfunding, plus two full-page poster ads from Repeater Books and Art’s Cool. Besides that, we are completely independent and receive no funding from public grants or big business.

As our editorial team are unpaid volunteers, donations and revenue go directly towards our contributor and publishing costs.

Order a copy directly to your door today and help support our work!

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