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Acid Left Review Radionautica: Synchronicity and the Situationist Dérive

by Mike Watson


Adam Ray Adkins of the Acid Left tries out Randonautica, the app that gives its users a set of quantum random coordinates for them to explore at their leisure (or risk, if some accounts on YouTube are to be believed).

The app admixes genuine quantum random number processing with the concept of Jungian Synchronicity. Here we discuss Acid Left co-host Adam's use of the app in relation to Synchronicity and the Guy Debord's Dérive. The Dérive is the idea of free-flowing walks that take you outside your daily routine, while synchronicity explains the existence of 'meaningful coincidences'.

Users of Randonautica have stumbled upon spooky, criminal and simply scarily coincidental finds, warning some people to avoid the app. Adam investigates for himself.

Music by 'Made in 1985': with permission

Co-Produced: Adam Ray Adkins & Mike Watson

Visuals/Editing: Mike Watson

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Mike Watson is a Finland-based curator, critic, and author of Zer0 Books' 'Can The Left Learn To Meme?' Follow him on Twitter.


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