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Adorno and Horkheimer's Culture Industry in 2020: Chat with Vladan Jeremic and Rena Raedle

by Mike Watson


*This video contains strobe effects and rapidly flashing lights. Warning to those who are sensitive.*

Continuing the Beyond Linguistics Reading Group, Adam Ray Adkins and Mike Watson host artist duo Vladan Jeremic and Rena Raedle to discuss "The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception", chapter four of the Dialectic of Enlightenment by Adorno and Horkheimer.

Rena Rädle & Vladan Jeremić are Belgrade-based artists whose research-oriented work comprises drawing and text, video, photography, installation and intervention in public space. Since 2002, in their collaborative practice Rena & Vladan explore the relation between art and politics, unveiling the contradictions of today's societies and developing transformative potentials of art in the context of social struggles.

They use techniques that are easy to reproduce and distribute such as drawing and prints and simple materials such as textile, cardboard and wood, insisting on the use value and social and ecological awareness of their artistic production. They engage with current debates and struggles in collaboration with social movements and disseminate their art works through reproduction in various media.

Co-Written/Co-Produced: Adam Ray Adkins & Mike Watson

Visuals/Editing: Mike Watson

Narrated: Adam Ray Adkins

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Mike Watson is a Finland-based curator, critic, and author of Zer0 Books' 'Can The Left Learn To Meme?' Follow him on Twitter.



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