American Violence: Watching 'The Purge' On Inauguration Day

Updated: Mar 24

by Billie Walker

"Extreme dystopia makes the inequalities of prior regimes and a promise of less violence seem utopian"
'The Purge: Election Day' (Image:

In homage to the US inauguration, me and my housemate settled in for a marathon of Purge films. I figured as I’d never seen them, better to purge than draw out the experience. So we gorged and this is my cleansing.

I had for so long avoided the franchise because I had already filed them in the torture porn genre with a light smattering of political relevance. Like if 'Saw' attempted a critique of Bush in between amputating limbs. The purge as a metaphor for the violent inequality in the US and it's politics, holds up for the most part for all three films. However - much like the American Dream by the time it comes to Biden’s inauguration - the metaphor and US politics are starting to unravel.

Purging Middle Class Guilt