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Archive, Exchange, and Process in a Pandemic: Conversation Between Leanne O'Connor and Larissa Shaw

by Megan Daly


Leanne O’Connor and Larissa Shaw are two interdisciplinary artists based in the West Midlands, working in media associated with craft and trade such as steel and textile. Both artists explore the role of these materials in the collective identity of local communities in the post-industrial landscape of the West Midlands.

At the beginning of lockdown, O’Connor and Shaw began communicating remotely to discuss the impact of the pandemic on their creative work. In these reflective conversations they exchange thoughts on their shared and distinct approaches to making, exploring how communication can be a method to navigate being separated from their mode of practice.



Leanne and Larissa are both members of Black Hole Club 2020, an annual artist development programme at Vivid Projects, Birmingham. See what’s on here.


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