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Art Without Boundaries: The Landscapes of Mark Noble

by Niall Walker

"Art has no boundaries. It doesn't divide us, and it has no favourites."

Mark Noble is a UK-based artist living with autism and dyslexia.

From childhood, art captured his imagination. He would watch the storms rolling up from the English Channel, and a desire to capture the wonder of the natural world in all its majesty grew. The flaming sunsets; the wild seas; the moody storms: this inspiration drawn from the environment around him drew him to the works of Turner, who he describes as 'a genius, way, way ahead of his time. He was a forerunner of Impressionism, almost abstract'.

The influence of the great landscape painter is evident in Mark's work; yet Noble, who has been described as the Turner of the 21st Century, maintains his own unique style. "Art has no boundaries. It doesn't divide us, and it has no favourites," he says. "Today this is why art is so important for mental wellbeing and people with learning disabilities, and I think it's so important to show this to the widest possible audience'.

See more of Mark's work here


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