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Illustrator Laura Op't Eynde's Sinkholes

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Laura Op't Eynde is a visual artist based in Belgium. Primarily working with illustration and sculpture, she uses her practice as a means of examining her surrounding environment: dissecting what she sees around her and reassembling it to create new narratives. For Issue #4, Farewell Earth, Op't Eynde allows us an exclusive look at some of her work-in-progress sketches.

In this series, she explores her recent fascination with sinkholes: a natural phenomenon where a hole emerges in the ground, because a surface layer of the earth beneath has collapsed. In these pencil studies, the sinkhole is represented as a depthless black hole. Abstracted from their literal appearance, the work explores the phenomena as a spatial void in nature; a disruption to the physical structures of society.

To see more of Laura's work or to contact her, visit:


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