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The World of Ronan Park

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Scrolling through photographer Ronan Park’s portfolio, it becomes evident he has built his career on his ability to create striking portraits. If he’s not releasing an Ellie Goulding exclusive, he’s shooting a fashion editorial in London where he’s based. But between his prolific body of portraiture lurks a different kind of world, one notably lacking much human life.

A plane shoots directly out of the sky, while a silhouetted hand waves goodbye. Dark, distant landscapes are just visible in the last light. A child trails behind their parents who carry packed bags. A light shines ominously through the trees at dusk. In this twilight world, everything seems to be coming to its eerie end.

Park’s style is consistent. He merges both analogue and digital techniques, and builds his rich, oversaturated colours through digital rendering. In this series of snapshots, this use of colour conjures an air of artificiality, leaving the viewer with an edge of uneasiness.

Park was chosen to feature in Issue #4 of Radical Art Review, Farewell Earth.

To see more of Ronan's work or to contact him, visit:

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