'Blacks Can't Swim: The Sequel': An Interview With Director Ed Accura

by Georgina Allan

"We want to bridge the gap between the swimming sector and the black community"
'Blacks Can't Swim: The Sequel' (Still: Space DNA)

‘Where we can influence change is in the younger generation between 16 to 25, but in order for that to happen, a number of things have to take place’ says Ed Accura.

Over the last few years Ed has been working hard to create a dialogue in the black community about why so many people can’t swim. The statistics currently are that 95% of black adults and 80% of black children in England do not swim. Through two films and charities such as the Black Swimming Association, he’s hoping to create conversation as well as promote swimming in the black community.

The newest project for Ed is Blacks Can’t Swim The Sequel, a feature length docu-drama in which he stars. The film begins with an interviewee explaining how his friend recently drowned because he couldn’t swim. Ed himself learnt to swim as an adult because he was fearful of not being able to help his young daughter if she was ever in danger. This experience was explored in the first film Blacks Can’t Swim which also highlighted the racist myths associated with swimming. While safety is a reason to learn, the film underlines reasons why the black community still don’t swim: chi