Borderlands Disability Culture & Identity: A Manifesto

by Dr. Rosa Sierra

"Borderland Disability Culture is redefinition on one’s own terms"

"We are the queer groups, the people that don’t belong anywhere, not in the dominant world nor completely within our own respective cultures. Combined we cover so many oppressions. But the overwhelming oppression is the collective fact that we do not fit, and because we do not fit we are a threat. Not all of us have the same oppressions. We do not have the same ideology, nor do we derive similar solutions. Some of us are leftists, some of us practitioners of magic. Some of us are both. But these different affinities are not opposed to each other. In El Mundo Zurdo I with my own affinities and my people with theirs can live together and transform the planet."

(Anzaldua, 1981)*

Borderlands disability culture is about bearing witness to the intersectional, complex lived experiences of BIPOC disability.