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COMIC: America, I Never Agreed to Have You in My Head

by Famous Female Artist


Before bed and in the morning, after my shower and unprompted, all my life, I have learned so many things about the United States of America.

This monolith always at war with itself and all the world around it.

I made this comic last year as a culmination of feeling so much frustration at how many aspects of my thinking were tainted by the unavoidable global spectacle of US but this year I have learned that it also taught me to expand solidarity globally.

Enjoy this poem I wrote when entering Moscow at the beginning of last summer feeling really tender and lucid featuring CeafăLată, my sweetest and most melancholy creation.


Famous Female Artist is an illustrator who straddles both sides of the iron curtain but currently lives in Glasgow. She goes by Sasha Staicu in her free time. You can buy her work here or follow her here.


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