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Did Mark Fisher Hate Weed? Acid Communism and the Stoned Millennial Revolutionary

by Mike Watson


*This video contains strobe effects and rapidly flashing lights. Warning to those who are sensitive.*

This video examines an oft-quoted passage from Mark Fisher’s 'Capitalist Realism' that has become the focus of left meme makers in recent months due to its seemingly anti-drug, anti-student message.

Here we ask whether Fisher really intended to chastise the youth. Could his critique be aimed at something deeper, such as systemic capitalism and the effect it has on young minds? And what would he make of today’s left wing meme lords and youtubers?

Adam Ray Adkins reads a script that he and Mike Watson co wrote in an effort to find out.

Co-Written/Co-Produced: Adam Ray Adkins & Mike Watson

Visuals/Editing: Mike Watson

Narrated: Adam Ray Adkins

Music by 'Made in 1985':

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Mike Watson is a Finland-based curator, critic, and author of Zer0 Books' 'Can The Left Learn To Meme?' Follow him on Twitter.


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