Emerging: The Poetry of Dr. Rosa Sierra

Updated: Mar 24

by Dr. Rosa Sierra

"Nepantlera - those of us living in the borderlands of different cultures and locations, of events and realities"

Dr. Rosa Sierra is a disabled Chicana psychotherapist living in Canada who has written and taught in the academic and clinical worlds for about 15 years. She comes from a place of generational and childhood trauma and poverty rooted in family and societal dysfunction, and adds that "the writings I've done that are closer to the heart of my lived experiences have been much harder for me to share".

Close-up of a cicada emerging from it's browned shed skin as a fresh green insect. In the background, past the ledge, iis a light brown brick wall and a black metal decorative mount of a 2D moose.
Exoskeleton (2017, Rosa Sierra)

Exoskeleton is a photo of an emerging cicada I took in 2017 at one of my former homes in rural Texas. These suckers are everywhere and they provide the cyclic background hum of searing hot southern summers. They're both comforting and unnerving.

They wait 17 years to emerge and spend their short lifespans screaming, screwing, and consuming. Then they leave a mess of empty shells behind. I think of cicadas a lot when I think of Te