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Gaming In The Wild #13: Ruiner, Left Behind, The Last Of Us Part II

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

by John Rogers


Image: 'Ruiner' (2017: Devolver Digital)

Our featured game this week is 'Ruiner', a twin-stick shooter with light narrative/RPG elements in a dark cyberpunk world. It’s a 2017 game published by Devolver Digital that's getting a second life as a fresh Switch port, and we discuss the ups and downs of the game, and whether it could could “do a Hollow Knight” and blow up because of its Switch release.

Secondly, following on from last episode, we talk through the 'Left Behind' DLC, which fills in some blanks of the story of 'The Last of Us', and sheds light on Ellie’s past in some flashback sequences. (Note: there are, necessarily, some plot spoilers for the first 'Last of Us' game in this section).

Thirdly, we through some spoiler-free first impressions of 'The Last Of Us Part II', including the vastly upgraded visuals, the improved combat, upgrades and skill tree system, and some other tweaks and differences that stand out.

Finally, as we just passed the halfway point of 2020, we talk through the main game of the year contenders so far, and some games that could still come along and snatch the crown.


'Ruiner' is out now on Steam, Switch, X-Box and PS4. 'Left Behind' is available on PS4 (currently on PSNow) and comes as part of 'The Last Of US: Remastered' package. 'The Last Of Us Pt. II' is out now on PS4.


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