Gaming In The Wild #14: The Last Of Us Part II SPOILERCAST

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

by John Rogers

Still: 'The Last Of Us Part II' (2020: Naughty Dog)

The Last Of Us: Part II is a game that's ignited discussion across the gaming community.

It's an emotionally gruelling journey that takes some unexpected swerves in both narrative and game design. It's an emotional whirlwind that, much like the original, leaves the player blinking at the screen in disbelief.

To try and untangle "what just happened", I invited Dani, a gamer, Twitter personality, streamer and YouTuber Girl With Box, to sit down for an in-depth spoilercast that discusses the themes, characters, plot twists, scary moments and dizzying story decisions of this landmark PS4 title. 

Follow Girl With Box on Twitter Follow the show on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, YouTube and elsewhere 'The Last Of Us Pt. II' is out now on PS4

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