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Gaming In The Wild #18: Alan Wake

by John Rogers


Still: 'Alan Wake' (2010: Remedy Entertainment)

This week I visited the picturesque Pacific Northwestern town of Bright Falls for a psychologically horrorifying and thrilling vacay via 'Alan Wake'.

It was like a step back in time, not only in the town's atmosphere, but in terms of the console itself, because I borrowed an Xbox 360 solely to play this game. Sure, it's a lot of effort for one game... but the thing is, 'Alan Wake' is the only other game set in the Remedy universe that also contains 'Control' (see episode two for more on that). Alan Wake is a spiritual prequel to that game, and it was a lot of fun to talk it over.

Also, the second part of the show covers my non-review of 'Bleak Sword', a chat about the wider Xbox 360 catalogue, and the story of my puppy-sitting travails.

The outro music is 'Possum Springs' from Night In The Woods

And as always, thanks for listening!

Soundtrack by Disasterpeace


Find the game on Switch, Steam, iOS, PS4 and Xbox. Soundtrack by Disasterpeace.


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