Gaming In The Wild #8: Bound, Rez Infinite, Telling Lies, Lonely Mountains: Downhill & No Man's Sky

by John Rogers

This episode I talk about five games on PS4, PSVR and Nintendo Switch: Bound, Rez Infinite, Telling Lies, Lonely Mountains: Downhill and – you guessed it – No Man’s Sky.

All of these capsule reviews can be considered free of any major spoilers, so you can listen without fear.

Things are rounded off with a Q&A session that covers everything from whether VR is here to stay and how to avoid VR motion sickness to whether the Switch roster for 2020 is up to snuff.

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Thanks for listening! Stay safe and well everyone.  ✨

John Rogers is an Iceland-based journalist, artist, and DJ.

The Radical Art Review is a print and digital magazine where art and culture meet activism. We tackle the politics of popular culture and provide a platform to emerging, marginalised, and disenfranchised artists.

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