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Gaming In The Wild: Games Of The Year #1 (feat. Our Co-Editor Ciarán!)

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

by John Rogers


Still: The Last Of Us Part II (2020; Naughty Dog / SIE)

On this week’s episode I welcome special guest Ciarán Daly to the show.

He's one of the people behind the Radical Art Review (and kind of my “gaming mentor”). We each talked about five games we loved playing this year. It’s not all about 2020 releases - some of them are from last year, or earlier - but it was a really fun chat about games as diverse as Mario All-Stars, Dreams, Disco Elysium, Kentucky Route Zero, Hollow Knight, Death Stranding, The Last of Us Pt. II, Outer Wilds, and more.

The next few shows will feature other guests talking through their year in games.

Music by Ben Babbitt, from Kentucky Route Zero

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