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Gaming In The Wild: Games Of The Year #2

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

by John Rogers


Still: Umurangi Generation (2020; Origame Digital)

My second Games of the Year guest is Louis, co-host of the excellent Time Played 3hr podcast, who dropped by to talk about the history of rally driving, in-game photography, turning horses into glue, Cyberpunk 2077, and much more besides. It was a really fun chat, be sure to check out Time Played 3hr, streaming now on all reputable podcast services.

Games discussed:

12:01 Umurangi Generation

18:35 The Pathless

30:40 Wide Ocean Big Jacket

36:00 In Other Waters

43:40 Animal Farm

56:00 A Short Hike

64:44 Art of Rally

72:36 The Last Of Us Pt. II

93:03 Cyberpunk 2077

106:07 Kentucky Route Zero

118:50 Wandersong

119:41 Manifold Garden

You can find the article Louis mentioned about Last Of Us Pt. II here and you can find the great video games e-zine I referenced called Heterotopias here and the Adam Robinson-Yu Short Hike lecture here

Music by Ben Babbitt, from Kentucky Route Zero

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