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I would swallow all of this

by Shaun Hill


Shaun Hill has shared his words with huddles of humans across the country, reading in beds, bars, and festivals like UK Young Artists' Takeover 2019. He is a Young Poet with Birmingham Hippodrome and runs a monthly workshop at the city's Buddhist Centre. Find on Instagram @warmbloodedthing

I would swallow all of this EXT. Birmingham New Street in the desert a man is spitting fish into a teacup, it doesn’t have tea in but it is still a teacup. & with his padded finger he points up at the crowd cheerleading that little blimp: go on! go long! touch… hot spot-light. dead moth. debit card spreading clots of butter in the air, on the griddle pan horizon where juicy mushrooms sweat from the muck make soup taste good            he says.       in the desert a mannequin. mobile home, broken phone battery acid, the fish swim in all these thoughts: how you could help how you could help how you could… help me take in more water        than they can. TRANSLATION: no change. that’s just the way it is.


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