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Locust Radio #4: Make Acid Communist Again

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

by Locust Radio

A photograph of PAV4N, a rapper formerly of the group Foreign Beggars.

We have guests! Artists Omnia Sol (whose music you will recognize as a regular feature at Locust Radio) and Adam Ray Adkins (a.k.a. Dirt: Son of Earth and co-host of the Acid Left videocast) come on the show to talk their own work, the impact of acid communism, and what it means to build a 21st century psychedelic reason.

Each of our guests shares some of their poetry and music, and we hear some more of Tish’s ongoing novel Sounds. Plus, just in time for the holidays, we get to hear what actually happened to George Bailey that night in Pottersville, after the Angel of History intervened...

For the second half of our show, available to SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, Tish and Adkins share a bit more of their work. We also talk a bit more about narrative conceptualism, and why the Peoria Cookie Monster mural is so much more interesting than those stupid fucking monoliths that have been appearing lately. If you want to hear this portion, and haven’t subscribed yet, do so now:


Check out more of Omnia Sol’s work on YouTube, Instagram or Patreon

Check out Adam Ray Adkins’ work at his YouTube or Instagram


Locust Radio is produced by Drew Franzblau. It is hosted by Alexander Billet, Tish Markley and Adam Turl.


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