Locust Radio #5: Norming In America

Updated: Feb 23

by Locust Radio

A photograph of PAV4N, a rapper formerly of the group Foreign Beggars.

Lots has happened since our last episode: the storming of the Capitol, the fascists’ disorientation, and the inauguration of a new president who can’t wait for us to get “back to normal.”

Tish, Adam, and Alex discuss what it is about capitalism’s obsessions with normalcy that is so detrimental to working and oppressed people. Also, an unexpected guest shows up in the form of a dead coyote wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. For the second half of our show, available to SUBSCRIBERS ONLY, Alex reads a long excerpt from his massive essay in the newest issue of Salvage. Also, Tish, Adam and Alex talk about the aesthetics of the GameStop short squeeze, how capitalism presents us with the illusion of justice, and how we might see through the veneer. If you want to hear more than just the preview of this portion, you will have to subscribe. If you haven’t yet, do so here.


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