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Love is the Message #4: The First Loft

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

by Matt Huxley


This week Tim and Jeremy take us back to Valentine's Day 1970 for the very first of what would become a 50 year era of David Mancuso's Loft parties.

They consider David's childhood experience of collectivised living while in care; the important antecedents found in the rent party scene and the '60s psychedelic culture of the melting pot city of New York; Tim recounts the origins of David's interest in audiophile sound; and the pair ask whether creating a space of freedom on the dance floor can be seen as a form of molecular politics.

Join us next week when Tim and Jeremy talk about meeting David, working with him to throw the first UK Loft parties, and forming their own party collective, Lucky Cloud Sound System.



Produced and edited by Matt Huxley

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Booker T and the MGs - Melting Pot

Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda

Dorothy Morrison - Rain

War - City, Country, City

The Equals - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys

Manu Dibango - Soul Makosa


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