Brexiting the Vampire Castle

by A.E. Beverley

"In Oscan, a pre-Latin language of Southern Italy, ‘Brutus’ carries more associations: heavy, unwieldy, dull, dumb, stupid, insensible, unreasonable, irrational"

Britain, the best of islands, has a few competing origin myths, most of which describe these islands’ inhabitants as the once rejected progeny of Europe. Our forebears were delinquent reversed-Kronos’, banished here to suffer for breaking the laws that maintain good relations between men and men, men and the Gods.

Britons, like Romans, are direct descendants of the mythical house of Priam, King of Troy, the ancient enemy of Greece. The Romans held a quiet belief that it was necessary for Troy to fall, so Rome could rise and enslave their former conquerors. As history has shown us again and again, a westward move refines the conquering spirit.

Greek culture was seductive enough to captivate the imagination of their savage conqueror, but the Romans were acquainted enough with women and slaves to know that passivity must be enforced, to neutralise ambition. A fluid Grecian interest in sodomy and intellectual experiment was dangerous to a society dependent on the solidity of engineering, fathers, virgins, and the mi