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Rose://Thorn: Poem by Marquis Green

By Marquis Green


And wonder just in a moment,

If this memory will fade away like the ocean’s tide,

Or if it will burn itself in like ink on a page.

Only renewal can replace what you’ve written.

This ship is starting to rock further and further to the sides,

And my choices towards this love is what I cannot abide,

I am the whaler, stuck with stupid notions of misguided decisions,

Thinking that as long as I keep this world safe, it does not matter whether I die or

remain alive.

Reckless want for the love these books have kept alive,

We are all victims of a passionate lust, it seems human nature.

What a thriving way to survive.

Such a wavering resolve to know what it is like to be responsible for what my father

left me with,

I never knew what your mother sounded like, and I mirrored that missing voice in my


I do not wish to say goodbye.

My own chapter must continue to tell a story of unending desire,

The depths of deaths deprive my dispossession and leave me defined as a lost soul,

definitely destroyed by the decades of wonder at why I wasn’t good enough to be a man

to my son.

Genesis...where have you gone?


For more of Marquis' poetry, check him out on Spotify:


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