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POEM: Rubble and Ashes

by Yanis Iqbal

Image: Nawal Watali

Each house is entombed in forlornness

Each lamp of hope is bedewed with droplets of blood

Tulips wither away into bleak desolation

Glistening-green grapes lie uncultivated and unseen

Faint echoes vagabond in the moonless sky,

Mournfully searching for the lost ones.

The searing heat of the endless siege

Burns and blackens the whispering leaves of love.

Twigs of human bond smolder in this superimposed silence

Shadows of sadness engirdle the sleepless nights

Dust-smeared Palestinian flags stare at the pellet-strewn humanless streets.

No one can stitch the fluttering flaps of a broken country,

Embosomed in icicles of war-encrusted history.

All the fissured fields and fragmented forests

Have dissipated like dust

The Palestinian people are again sifting through the rubble and ashes of their country.


Yanis Iqbal is an independent researcher and freelance writer based in Aligarh, India and can be contacted at


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