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Swan Song: Poem

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

by Marquis Green


When is enough, enough?

When do we ask ourselves to slow down?

The beasts inside ourselves, tamed from birth.

It’s awakened inside of you.


I’ve had enough of this gear switching.

We’ve had enough.

Truth keeps me waiting,

For your touch is electrifying.

And the truth is,

The water mains now pump oil between all the layers of the cities I can’t seem to tell


As if they all were meant to reject blood.

Despite the refrain of a story broken between two lovers,

I remember the reflection on the water’s edge, and I never got the metaphor,

Until I was washed 4 hours away in 4 bottles I sent off to sea, to send letters with an

explanation for,

Why I felt like disaster was the conclusion of this marriage,

Like I wasn’t ready to face the world,

There was too much a short of knowledge,

I sent my son out to sea to search for those famous letters scholars always refer to

when trying to understand consciousness,

And he found some reasons to stay up at night.

The difference in the diggers, drinkers,

Nothing more than understanding failures in what factors left us all,

“Someone we didn’t expect to turn out to be”

I want to build again.

My soul, my sorrow. Everlasting.

In movement, in crafting,

I belong more to the sensation of beauty,

I can’t blame the sun for correlating a deal that sets my sights free,

I’m already drowning inside my insecurity, and maybe a mistake,

An olive branch agreement has left me, intolerably,

I didn’t want to make this a mistake.



Will you return?

These words, my promises, are necessary.

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