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Tender Buttons #6: Petrol Girls Cut, Stitch, Make, Do

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

by Ciarán Daly


In this episode we talk to Ren Aldridge, artist, writer and singer in feminist post-hardcore band Petrol Girls about the intersection of her art and politics. We chat about the DIY punk practice of passing the mic, learning by doing, zine culture, the power and limitations of anger & more.

If you would like to donate to the Solidarity not Silence campaign, to help raise funds for women facing a defamation claim from a man in the music industry for statements they made concerning his treatment of women, you can do so here or buy the Petrol Girls track, I Believe Them, here. Solidarity not Silence are also dropping a new single on 4th May via Alcopop Records - This Is Sisterhood.

For updates on this follow the Solidarity not Silence Twitter here.

Tender Buttons is a Bristol-based podcast chatting to writers and artists about their ideas, process and politics. Hosted by Jessica Andrews and Jack Young, the show is produced in partnership with Storysmith Bookshop in Bristol.


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