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Tender Buttons #7: Poetry as Magic, Witches and the Non-Human

by Ciarán Daly


In this episode, we chat to poet and essayist Rebecca Tamás about the figure of the witch, the power of language to manifest change in the world and poetry as a way to speak with not for voices that have been silenced throughout history. We talk about the role of awe and emotion in forging a deeper relationship with the non-human world, climate grief, the loss of language and the impact of late capitalism on our psyches, bodies and planet.

You can buy Rebecca's books from Storysmith with a 10% discount, check out the episode to find out more.

Tender Buttons is a Bristol-based podcast chatting to writers and artists about their ideas, process and politics. Hosted by Jessica Andrews and Jack Young, the show is produced in partnership with Storysmith Bookshop in Bristol.


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