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Visions of Eurydice in the Underworld (For Joanna)

by Gabriel Moreno


I often wondered,

Long before the fall,

In what shape,

In what godless form

I'd find you? 

Framing the promenade,

Coiled around my father's leg,

In the calvacade of fire.

Which one of your limbs

Bulwarks the abyss?

Do you contour the walls?

Are the moon shadows 

Polaroids of your fears?

Would I need to sing

To the wombs of your eyes?

Would they simply awake?

Open to me as before,

Unfold the hope,

Our feverish child

Of soil and blood.

I often wondered,

Would I even talk?

Would you think me insane

To resort to hell,

To cave the cards 

For another hand?


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