This is What I Know About End Times

Updated: Nov 15

by Taiwo Aloba


Megan Daly

I memorize the psalms to please my stepmother 

and also, for free meat pie and chin chin.


She tells me to lead praise and worship 

as I pestle pepper in a wooden mortar.


She makes me watch 

a bargain-basement Antichrist movie –– a movie marked 


by an inflexible stasis of sense-pulverizing horror 

and a hearty vein of hysteria –– a movie in which 


the rapture occurs in the darkness 

so now I sleep with the lights on.

A native of Ilesha, Osun state, Taiwo Aloba holds a Master's degree in Creative Writing and English, a certificate in Musical Theatre, and a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts and Music. She currently resides in New York City. Her poetry book, "Orange," is available here.

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