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Voices of Kashmir: Pollution and the Disappearing Houseboat Community

by Connor Newson

"For decades the people of Dal Lake and Srinagar witnessed many of their lakes become polluted beyond repair. Now, Dal Lake is on the brink of an environmental disaster also with huge economic, social, cultural repercussions."

VOICES OF KASHMIR: DAL LAKE AND THE DISAPPEARING HOUSEBOAT COMMUNITY is a short documentary concerning the effects that pollution has, and continues to have on the local houseboat community residing on Dal Lake.

We hear directly from the individuals suffering the impacts of a polluted lake that once provided a wealth of benefits for the local community.

Now a severely degraded ecosystem, a declining tourism hotspot, a questionable water source, the locals explain that the only option remaining is to sell up and move on.

But after generations of residence, how does a negligent government expect to safeguard entire families having to adapt to a lifestyle so different from their current one?


Connor Newson is an independent filmmaker, photographer and artist with a particular focus on climate and social justice issues. Using visual arts as the physical medium, this work strives to hold collaboration at its core, with the aim of inciting critical reflection and conversations amongst communities to inform revolutionary action.


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