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'What You See Is What You Get. Like A Pineapple.' Meet The Kirkwood Brothers

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Born in Glasgow, the Kirkwood Brothers are two siblings who draw and make things together. Childlike and dark, their prolific collection of drawings animate awkward thoughts of the anxious mind. One brother has autism, while the other struggles with depression. From roaring tigers to tangled sculptures, their funny and playful work hopes to open up a dialogue around the unspoken experiences of mental health; though sometimes the works are just chunks of pure imagination.

We enjoy using humour to make the work more accessible, giving the audience a laugh but leaving some more serious questions hanging in the background.

In this selection of drawings, the strange and wonderful world of the Kirkwood Brothers' seems simple and human. Spelling mistakes crudely scribbled out tell the audience: the errors we make don't matter. Actually, they're a bit of a laugh. Everything is put out on display - even the messy parts. What you've seen, what you've heard, what you've felt, and what you've imagined: It all belongs here. To quote the brothers: 'Life is a little bit overwhelming, and it's ok to admit it.'


To see more of the Kirkwood Brothers' work, or to contact them, visit:

Feature written by Megan Daly.


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