Where the mic and the message collide,

Radical Art Review is the soapbox for a  generation standing on the cliffedge of climate collapse, culture war, corporatocratic catastrophe. But we aren’t here to spread prophecies of doom. We want to dance, to sing the songs of liberation, and share art from the breadth of society.


We believe that everyone, regardless of their starting point in life, should have the resources to allow their creativity to flourish. Ideas that can change the world for the better are incubated in the music, stories and dreams we make together.


This is what we stand for. If you are interested, join us.  

As a non-profit co-operative, we are fully powered by a small team of volunteers.

For £2 a month people can pay to support our work, with the money currently going towards our operational costs (such as our web fees, ad spend, or design.)


In return our patrons receive weekly curated recommendations from our editors, covering independent film to exhibitions and events.


Although we are currently unable to compensate all of our contributors, we hope to offer this as soon as possible, as our audience grows and we work towards our long-term goal of becoming a non-profit radical publisher.


For more information, visit our Patreon. 

Want to contribute? We are accepting pitches exploring contemporary social and political concerns through art and culture. 


Has a film excited a feeling in you for social change? Did a recent album inspire a new sense

of political empowerment?


We are looking for 500-1000 words on these themes. 


We are also always keen to collaborate with and celebrate artists working across all mediums.


If you would like to share your creative work on our site, or discuss the ideas that drive you to make, please get in touch.  

  Co-Editors: Niall Walker and Ciaran Daly

  Film Editor: Georgina Allan

  Environment Editor: Georgia Preece

  Comics Editor: Steff Humm

  Visual Director: Megan Daly

  Designer: Katrin Thrastardottir

  Contributor: Matthew Magill

  Resident: Harry Smithson

Our editorial team is always growing. If you want the opportunity to be involved in editing a section of our site, get in touch.


You can even invent your own section, if you want.

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The Radical Art Review is a non-profit cooperative platform fuelled purely by people power for those who think art holds the potential for social transformation. We publish the thoughts, philosophies, and stories of all who dare to dissent. We seek to inform, to empower, and to dream collectively of a better tomorrow.

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