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About Us


Founded in 2017, the Radical Art Review is a free magazine where art meets activism.


Now in our ninth issue, UNRAVEL, we tackle political issues through the lens of culture while taking the fight to the gatekeepers of the art world.

We publish art and articles from across the spectrum of politics, pop culture and art practice. rom full-length investigative features into the artists at the forefront of political change, to ASMR gaming podcasts, artist interviews, underground poetry, videos, and more.


We accept pitches of any kind, be they creative or journalistic. 


We abide by the NUJ Editor's Code of Conduct. Find out more




Ge Allan

Ge Allan is the Film Editor. Since volunteering for RAR, she’s
hosted podcasts, moderated events at TWT and edited an array of film content.


A fan of horror and experimental cinema, she enjoys editing work about gender, sexuality and


In between RAR and working in the film industry, you’ll find her at
film screenings, dancing alone in sweaty clubs and exploring London’s weirdest museums.

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Georgia Preece

Georgia Preece is the Visual Director and Environment Editor.


Her time is spent refining the magazine's visual style, creating layout designs and graphics, as well as running the instagram account and curating the environment section.

Outside of the mag she is a practicing artist, poet, and TEDx performer, a proud west-midlander, mental health advocate and amateur gardener.


Matthew Magill

Matthew is a Literature Editor from Northern Ireland.


He writes and edits articles, runs the poetry competition, and has self-appointed himself the role of Community Manager.  Currently living in London, he has had work in freelance writing, fiction editing, and role-playing game design.


His interests range from queer nightlife to the occult and tarot reading. All cards on the table, he thinks the best of Radical Art is yet to come. 


Niall Walker

Niall is the Co-Editor and founder of Radical Art Review. He first had the idea for the magazine while handing out free meals in Exeter city centre for a local mutual aid group, Food Fight.


After seeing the first season of Love Island in 2017, Niall was inspired to write a political essay about the show's place in modern culture. Upon realising it was completely unpublishable anywhere else, he decided to give it a home.

Niall is a lifelong Crystal Palace supporter, a vegan, chess player, cat owner, and educator.


Charlotte Russell

Charlotte Russell is the Music Editor.


She likes editing pieces on unusual, non-traditional art forms, and is particularly interested in socially engaged work that transcends the boundary between music and art.


When she isn’t volunteering for RAR she can usually be found awkwardly standing at exhibition openings or dancing away at a gig or two.


Gaia Lamperti

Gaia is a London-based multimedia journalist focusing on culture, sustainability and tech.


She's also our Distribution Coordinator, working on the frontlines with our network of talented venues and community spaces.


Human-centred, solution-driven stories always get her excited. She divides her spare time between boxing and documentary photography. 


Ciarán Daly

Ciarán is the Co-Editor. A full-time tech journalist with a background in news, magazine and broadcast reporting, Ciarán joined forces with Niall in 2018 to help make RAR a reality.

Ciarán helps coordinate the production of the magazine and grow our external partnerships. 

He also makes music, cooks, and lives with his cat Treacle in Thanet.


Jessie Jones

Jessie Florence Jones is a freelance writer based in Liverpool.


She's been the Literature Editor with us for over a year now, working with publishers such as Verso, Repeater, Daunt Books and others.

She's interested in the historical, radical potential of literature as a tool of resistance and how we can integrate theory into praxis.



Want to contribute? We are accepting pitches exploring contemporary social and political concerns through art and culture. 


Has a film excited a feeling in you for social change? Did a recent album inspire a new sense

of political empowerment?


We are looking for 500-1000 words on these themes. 


We are also always keen to collaborate with and celebrate artists working across all mediums.


If you would like to share your creative work on our site, or discuss the ideas that drive you to make, please get in touch.  

Print contributions are paid. As a volunteer-run magazine, we are still working towards our goal of paying web contributors.

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