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Gaming In The Wild #17: Must-Play Nintendo Switch Games

by John Rogers


Still: 'Firewatch' (2016: Campo Santo)

It's been a quiet spell for new games lately, so this episode takes on a few indie classics.

Firewatch was on sale recently, so it's doing the rounds once more – I take a spoiler-free stroll through the beautiful Wyoming forest with main characters Henry and Delilah.

Next up, some first impressions of Supergiant's Bastion and the Japanese-mythology-inspired action-adventure Okami.

Finally, I round up some some DS and 3DS titles I've been enjoying, and talk about A Mortician's Tale from the recent Itch Bundle for the BLM movement, and recommend some other games podcasts.

Thanks for listening!

Soundtrack by Disasterpeace


Find the game on Switch, Steam, iOS, PS4 and Xbox. Soundtrack by Disasterpeace.


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