Manasvini Sn: Expressions Of History

Updated: 2 days ago

By Megan Daly

"I realize that History is created every second. As we speak, as we breathe. To think of Time as linear is simple, but to think of it as dynamic and ever changing, is terrifying."

Manasvini is a fine artist and illustrator from Bangalore, India. A practicing artist for over a decade, she works in traditional media to explore, unpick, and decipher her experience of the world.

For Radical Art Review's seventh issue, Solitude, we share with you one of her zines, Expressions of History. In this zine, a philosophical monologue weaves throughout vibrant, pulsating forms which rearrange and transfigure across the pages. Honest and immediate, Expressions of History creates a disorientating and intimate experience for the reader.

Manasvini can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more of her zines can be found on Behance. She likes to randomlY capitalize her woRds, devour books, hug trees, and watch the sky. If

you hear a good song or find a pair of the quirkiest socks, be sure to let her know.

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