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POEM: 'We'

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

by Alexander Billet

"I write you this letter to let you know this letter will never arrive"


Tried to grab what I can

through scars on top of scars.

Old stories. Lost deliveries. Bits of paper.

Crumbs of plaster.

All buried

under the empty air.

Gray skies snatch my bones,

                       hope they’re ground up quickly…

Mourning doesn’t do the trick anymore…


in cacophonous voices,

trees sway,

constellations birthed.

Touch of the face

that reminds of itself through thick concrete walls

                                                                        and makes you long 

                                                                                …for something   

                                                                                                …to long for… 



You who told me that all wars

were now warm enough for me to heat my home,

You who told me

that there was life  in a future of ghosts,

You who made me a believer 

in talking corpses,

Drove me to the edge

of the ravine dared me to fly;

I will never forgive your rotten conscience.

You with your barbed wire pens of shrieking lonely,

starving for the end.