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Theatre Worker or Theatre Enthusiast?

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

by Mediocre Dave

"When we think of how to reform theatre we often conflate two separate questions: how can theatre look more like what we want it to, and how can we improve our working lives within it?"

These perspectives frequently come into conflict. As a playgoer, my ideal theatre industry would be one in which nothing came before the quality of the work. As a theatre worker, my ideal industry would be one of adequate pay, safe conditions, and reasonable hours."

This 6 minute video about how theatre employment disguises itself behind ideas of passion and community was made for The World Transformed having been adapted from a text written by Mediocre Dave for discussion at A Good Night Out reading group. It is a resource that can facilitate better more focussed discussions around theatre work and exploitation.


The Radical Art Review are official media partners of The World Transformed, a political festival of ideas, art, and culture. Our relationship is purely non-commercial. Check out our coverage of this year's TWT here


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