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T-Shirts For Change: The Revolution Will Not Be Screenprinted (The World Transformed 2019)

by Ciaran Daly


"In the old days you might've had activists selling drugs or engaging in crime or robbing a bank to fund a movement. Nowadays, we work with some of the world's leading artists to create some really cool graphics, we put them on a t-shirt that's ethically produced, organically grown, and sustainable."

T-shirt art and political fashion has become one of the hallmarks of the resurgent radical political movements in Britain during the last five years. At The World Transformed 2019 we spoke to Ashwin Bolar, the designer of the Corbyn Run DMC t-shirt and Director of Digital at THTC Clothing about how a t-shirt helped galvanize a movement around the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.


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