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Three Ain't A Crowd #7: Sharon Walters: Collage, Narratives & Space

by Wanda Canton

A photograph of PAV4N, a rapper formerly of the group Foreign Beggars.

In this episode of Three Ain't A Crowd, Wanda speaks to Sharon Walters about her collage work and series 'Seeing Ourselves' celebrating black women alongside her personal accomplishments from bike riding, sobriety and running. Don't forget to subscribe!

Three Ain't a Crowd seeks to explore the intersections between the arts, mental health and social change. With a different guest each week, the aim is to create an informal, diverse and accessible platform which does not shy away from difficult subjects including knife violence, the criminal justice system, mental health, bereavement, trauma and racism. These social issues are considered through the lens of fashion, film poetry, drag, hip-hop amongst others. 


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Wanda Canton is the host of Three Ain't A Crowd. She is an artist, facilitator, and researcher whose work focuses how rap and spoken word can enhance mental health and facilitate social change. You can find out more at her website or on her Instagram


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