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There's a huge range of independent podcasts out there doing some incredible work exploring the intersection of politics and creativity.

Here you'll find just some of them, each tackling big ideas, injustice, and apathy in a vibrant, radical way. 

No Humans Involved is a podcast for horror fans and the not particularly squeamish.


Each episode Billie, Matt and RAR's Film Editor Ge pick three horror films to unpack. Always anti-capitalist and always on the lookout for queer coded characters, No Humans Involved promises to unpack the camp, the uncanny and the absolutely terrifying.

No Humans Involved

New episodes on their way!

A chill weekly video games podcast about interesting and creative games, from indie to AAA. Your host: our gaming editor, Iceland-based journalist John Rogers.


You can also find John chatting about games on Twitter and Instagram, making video on YouTube, and streaming games live on Twitch - check out linktr.ee/gaminginthewild to join the party.

Gaming In The Wild

Locust Radio is a monthly podcast of the radical weird, catapulting itself into the future by way of the past.


Published in anachronistic newspaper format four times a year and online, we are unapologetically socialist, experimental and irrealist in outlook, clinging to the hope of discovering a profane illumination out of the end times. Check out our Patreon or follow us on Twitter

Locust Radio


The Acid Left is a hub for online and real life happenings around class consciousness.

Working across platforms (including Twitter), we aim to create a forum of dispersed organisation that can coordinate creative opposition to the stifling practices of capitalism. Turn on, tune in, and shape a future collective reality. You can g
et involved via their Patreon.

The Acid Left


Three Ain't a Crowd seeks to explore the intersections between the arts, mental health and social change.


With a different guest each week, the aim is to create an informal, diverse and accessible platform which does not shy away from difficult subjects including knife violence, the criminal justice system, mental health, bereavement, trauma and racism. These social issues are considered through the lens of fashion, film poetry, drag, hip-hop amongst others. 

Three Ain't A Crowd


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