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  • A menagerie of music taste: We Out Here 2023 reviewed

    itself as a festival that centralises the euphoria of mass gathering, in a setting where both live music energetic send-off from Sunday headliners Ezra Collective, and jams hosted by Tomorrow’s Warriors: the musical It was apparent to all that we were witnessing music from a plethora of talented musicians who were all It’s a festival for music-lovers in search of something a little different. Charlotte Russell is the Music Editor for Radical Art Review.

  • Love is the Message #1: Dance, Music and Counterculture

    by Matt Huxley Love is the Message: Music, Dance & Counterculture is a new show from Tim Lawrence and

  • Meet VLURE: the Glaswegian Post-Punk Five Piece Fighting for the Dancefloor

    infuses the subversive spirit of punk and the nostalgic, pulsating heartbeat of dance into a steaming musical In the 1970s, Glasgow council sought to ban the playing of punk music, leading to bands from across the It seems obvious that this would impact bands such as VLURE’s output - making music for the late-night Music like this appreciates that it is human beings that make a place whole. Stream their music on Spotify.

  • Love is the Message #4: The First Loft

    by Matt Huxley This week Tim and Jeremy take us back to Valentine's Day 1970 for the very first of what would become a 50 year era of David Mancuso's Loft parties. They consider David's childhood experience of collectivised living while in care; the important antecedents found in the rent party scene and the '60s psychedelic culture of the melting pot city of New York; Tim recounts the origins of David's interest in audiophile sound; and the pair ask whether creating a space of freedom on the dance floor can be seen as a form of molecular politics. Join us next week when Tim and Jeremy talk about meeting David, working with him to throw the first UK Loft parties, and forming their own party collective, Lucky Cloud Sound System. LISTEN BELOW: Produced and edited by Matt Huxley Become a supporter by visiting our Patreon Tracklist: Booker T and the MGs - Melting Pot Alice Coltrane - Journey In Satchidananda Dorothy Morrison - Rain War - City, Country, City The Equals - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys Manu Dibango - Soul Makosa

  • Queer Soul: 'Nightmare in Paradise' by Tyler Holmes

    by Richard Marcus "The record is the perfect synthesis of electronic music and soul sensibilities. This is next generation music happening right now." I've long held onto prejudices against electronic music from the over the top 1970s era of progressive Like other gifted vocalists they can utilize it as another musical instrument. This is next generation music happening right now.

  • Thirty Years A Junglist

    soundtrack to the more chaotic and crazed parts of Fisher's intellect - the Tasmanian devil to pop music For the novel’s teen narrators, militant jungle music is not a Lethean tonic for a painful life. One narrator seeks steamy confluence with the music and women in his life and, in a particularly racy going to be a music of choice for people entering teenagedom.” “House and techno had been Black music, but it got co-opted and taken over.

  • Forever Delayed: Mental Illness and Capitalism in the lyrics of Richey Edwards

    tenets of life in 21st century Britain, but they are also the philosophy that lies behind the early music

  • Love is the Message #3: Counterculture Part Two

    House and Techno, and consider the idea and potentiality of 'the machine' for the creators of these musics

  • A Good Way Out Of A Bad Place: 'For The First Time' Reviewed

    once hopeful and despairing, romantic and cynical, formally innovative and self-referential, their music NR interesting is much more than the lyrics, though it’s difficult to disentangle the words from the music The variety of musical backgrounds - some members classically trained, some self-taught - coheres into Related: The Union Fighting Spotify for Musicians' Rights Nowhere is this more explicit than on the final can listen to the album, and support the band, on their Bandcamp page Will Dooley is a Brighton-based music

  • Lost Amongst the Noise: Lesley Chow's You're History Reviewed

    Winfield @Sophiewinfieldd “Chow invites us to forget everything we thought we knew about what makes good music History seeks to debunk our misunderstanding of (or our unwillingness to understand) the magnetism of pop music is a result of the sound; whether that be the pure pleasure and ecstasy felt when listening to the music By embracing the strangeness and power of the music created by the women she discusses throughout the book, Chow invites us to forget everything we thought we knew about what makes ‘good music’, and simply

  • "Those Who Have Power Need to Live in Fear": A Pussy Riot Guide To Activism

    Aside from their provocative and quite brilliant music videos which deal with everything from the effects He currently lives with his musician/poet/painter wife and two incredibly demanding cats in Kingston

  • East-London's Nuha Ruby Ra: "Brave, Open, Surreal"

    by Charlotte Russell “Feel is the most important thing for me in music and in performance. with Ra which plays out through each set, as she both melts into the crowd and jostles with her own music With work like this, punk music is a form of performance art, which is a state of mind that resonates “Feel is the most important thing for me in music and in performance. The music is emotional, forceful, contemplative, funny, unsettling, and more.

  • “We don’t want to be boxed in anymore”: Introducing New York’s anti-sweetheart Flossing.

    limitlessness to New York’s riotous raconteur Flossing (aka Heather Elle), who creates “genre fuck music “The outro of [this track] is like, where I’m really trying to make fun of masculinity and guitar music Quips are repeatedly fired at the constraints of the hetero-patriarchy throughout Flossing’s music, to as their leather-tongued jibes continue to display an ongoing frustration with navigating both the music The various themes and sounds that thread their way throughout Flossing’s music reflects the endless

  • 263 Streams Per Dollar: The Union of Musicians and Allied Workers Interview

    We discussed how serious the situation currently is for music workers, organising in the arts sector, So far, they have received the support of 26000 music workers. The online era once promised to democratise the music industry. true that many music listeners share the same blind spot. If we truly value music and art, it is up to us to save it.

  • ‘I treat low culture like the avant garde’: How lloydfears is redefining contemporary Flâneurie

    Grime culture still lives on through the shape-shifting music of producer and artist lloydfears. And what was the catalyst for you to start making your own music? So how has music become part of your practice? I’m into spitting as a language and music as communication. The grime music I’m making right now sounds totally organic, no grid.

  • Barking, biting, hatching: The hyperreal sound design of 'Ortolan'

    Yet the sound, particularly the music, is strikingly different to what you would expect from a ‘traditional I wanted the music to have something almost sacred about it–something that felt unusual and would bring Throughout the film I use a lot of diatonic sound – which is quite a technical musical term that just the ‘natural’ sound of trickling water seem alien and disturbing… There’s another moment where the music So classically you would use what’s called leitmotif in film music, where you have different musical

  • Pixel Sounds: 11 Essential Video Game Soundtracks

    One thing is certain – video game composition is a thriving biome of music that shouldn’t be overlooked JR Related: Hidden gems: seven great games you might have missed Final Fantasy | Apple Music Music from It’s an intelligent, atmospheric, and prescient game that’s brought to life by the music. game, which will always be synonymous with the epic music of Kingdom Hearts. It’s impossible to talk about the music of Kingdom Hearts without mentioning ‘Dearly Beloved’.

  • 'Nerve Bumps: A Queer Divine Dissatisfaction' by Dax Pierson: A Review

    Co-produced with Dark Entries Records, this collection of electronic music pieces pushes against the listener’s desire to plop an easy definition on music and the creative process. of his days confined to a wheelchair, whether they want to admit it or not, their perceptions of his music This isn't easy listening music by any means. It gets under your skin and disrupts things. However, if he ignored who he was, his music wouldn't be as honest and effective as it is.

  • Muneera Pilgrim: The disruptive Bristol storyteller fighting back against gatekeepers

    Her work, ranging from poetry to music and spoken word, is proof that we can all affect change by telling Pilgrimage was a unique collaboration between Muneera and friend Sukina Abdul Noor: two Muslim women whose musical Because That Day… is a stunningly powerful piece of work - almost musical in its peaks and troughs of algorithms, there’s a reason we’re scrolling on different sites – and I feel that if you’re looking for good music

  • This is What I Know About End Times

    , Osun state, Taiwo Aloba holds a Master's degree in Creative Writing and English, a certificate in Musical Theatre, and a Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts and Music.

  • Gaming In The Wild #25: The Stanley Parable & The Beginner's Guide

    The music on this episode is from the featured games, by Yiannis Ioannides (The Stanley Parable) and The outro music is from Night In The Woods. Thanks for listening!

  • Acid Left Review Radionautica: Synchronicity and the Situationist Dérive

    Music by 'Made in 1985': with permission Co-Produced: Adam Ray

  • Don't Tell Dad: How Boomtown is championing underground artists

    of dust settling from the muddy glamour of Glastonbury and other iconic UK festivals, the immersive music Related: A menagerie of music taste: We Out Here 2023 reviewed Soundtracked by the dulcet tones of strong

  • Did Mark Fisher Hate Weed? Acid Communism and the Stoned Millennial Revolutionary

    Co-Written/Co-Produced: Adam Ray Adkins & Mike Watson Visuals/Editing: Mike Watson Narrated: Adam Ray Adkins Music by 'Made in 1985': Mike wrote Can the Left Learn to Meme?

  • Locust Radio #4: Make Acid Communist Again

    Artists Omnia Sol (whose music you will recognize as a regular feature at Locust Radio) and Adam Ray Each of our guests shares some of their poetry and music, and we hear some more of Tish’s ongoing novel

  • Sounds Sans Spectacle: Listening In The Algorithmic Age

    "Using systems built for creating algorithmic music and visuals, these barriers are broken down, and musicians are able to compose and work live with their music as algorithms." Whereas much of today's electronic music requires mastery of a number of different pieces of specialist This has allowed people from backgrounds typically excluded from electronic music to participate, and It changed the whole way that I thought about sound—it brought down the walls between music and sound

  • Three Ain't A Crowd #1: Rap, Labels, & The Underground

    speaks to legendary hip hop artist, PAV4N, on his life since Foreign Beggars, new record label and music LISTEN: Watch PAV4N's latest music video or follow him on Facebook Subscribe to Three Ain't A Crowd on

  • Gaming In The Wild #51: Fez

    It’s as wonderful today as it was upon release, and I talk through its high points (aesthetic, music,

  • Underrated Icon: 'Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché' Reviewed

    Poly Styrene: I'm A Cliché is not your average documentary about a musician. So in spite of X-Ray Spex only ever releasing one album Poly Styrene's influence on pop music can't be the band and other aspects of her life, these readings give us a perspective we don't often see in music mixed race in Great Britain in the 60s and the 70s, and dealing with the male dominated world of pop music A beautiful movie and a fitting tribute to a musical icon.

  • More than a Meditation: A Review of Drumz of the South: The Dubstep Years 2004-2007

    Yet, despite its rather specific origins (geographic and musical), dubstep would become a global phenomenon Cook’s photography is expressive of a love and passion that can only come from being a follower of the music

  • Capturing Youth: How Britain Grew Up

    post war, people were finally able to express themselves by styling their clothing and listening to music How can we keep live music going?) The current HQ is at the mezzanine floor of East-London music venue Printworks, but the team is still

  • Real Moments: A Review of the Chris Killip Photography Retrospective

    bodies heave forward, chains, leather, and studded straps flailing, caught in the maelstrom of the music Punk music’s impact on disaffected youth has been thoroughly documented, yet the inclusion of this work

  • Gaming In The Wild: Games Of The Year #3

    Music by Ben Babbitt, from Kentucky Route Zero Support the show on Patreon to get exclusive episodes


    Precursor to the development of jungle and grime music, Kamala is nonetheless insistent that the 90s the same decade and how many of the stars of that era were left “destitute and unknown”, even as the music Hearing from teenagers talk about their aspirations, be it in performance art or indie music, seldom

  • Tender Buttons #6: Petrol Girls Cut, Stitch, Make, Do

    Solidarity not Silence campaign, to help raise funds for women facing a defamation claim from a man in the music

  • 'Disneyland for adults': Noisily 2022 reviewed

    That's Noisily" Among other things, 2022 has seen the return of music festivals for the first time since This festival of art, performance, and electronic music combines the best of British rave culture with Genre-bending acts and the finest 160bpm rave music I can’t talk about a festival without a mention to LED screens and bass, followed by a short work to the leisure centre for the finest in 160bpm rave music

  • Gaming In The Wild #31: The Pathless

    With fluid gameplay, brilliant music and a fascinating game world, fans of Journey, Breath of the Wild

  • DR: ME: Collages from Lockdown

    For the last decade, they've executed design across music, video, and publication, for an impressive

  • Artists Against the Apartheid: the Struggle for Palestine

    with the Edward Said Conservatory and I would describe their efforts to maintain any sort of thriving musical I am absolutely conscious that in the international classical music community, Israel’s philharmonic, Where is the opportunity for the Palestinian musicians and why is it that they are simply left behind People don’t even know that they exist and that there is musical talent in Palestine. The only difference between an Israeli musician and a Palestinian musician is opportunity.”

  • Gaming In The Wild: Games Of The Year #1 (feat. Our Co-Editor Ciarán!)

    Music by Ben Babbitt, from Kentucky Route Zero Support the show on Patreon to get exclusive episodes

  • Definitely Maybe Actually Nevermind

    emerges slowly from a lumpy blanket that had been lying on stage since the house opened, miming to the music narrator yells as Crystal launches into a lipsync routine comprised of rom-com audio clips and camp pop music

  • A Crossroads Album: 'Big Conspiracy' Reviewed

    Related: 'They don't want us to vote' - the UK artists and musicians driving youth voter turnout This Yet musically, this is an album brimming with a delicious confidence. afrobeats, hip hop and dancehall, with the help of producer Jae5, have carved out a distinct space in UK music Celebrating the potential and self-confidence of dispossessed communities is in the DNA of rap music, But Hus has a power with words and music which elevates him beyond the need for dick-swinging machismo

  • Gaming In The Wild #15: The Last Guardian

    Music by Takeshi Furukawa and the London Symphony Orchestra If you enjoy the show, feel free to come

  • Gaming In The Wild #18: Alan Wake

    The outro music is 'Possum Springs' from Night In The Woods And as always, thanks for listening!

  • Locust Radio #2: Death Becomes Us: A Very Locust Halloween Check out more from Locust Review: Music

  • Gaming In The Wild: Games Of The Year #2

    games e-zine I referenced called Heterotopias here and the Adam Robinson-Yu Short Hike lecture here Music

  • Play Test: Death’s Door

    The orchestral music is fantastic throughout, from sad refrains to wistful shanties, and battle music

  • Gaming In The Wild #12: Katamari Damacy, Coffee Talk & The Good Time Garden

    in the Nintendo Switch eShop Play The Good Time Garden Play The Last of Us: Remastered on PS4 Outro music

  • Gaming In The Wild #6: In Other Waters, Gravity Rush 2, No Man's Sky & More

    Waters soundtrack Buy the Gravity Rush soundtrack Buy the No Man’s Sky soundtrack Buy the A Short Hike music

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